Take your parents to work day – at Google

Am I a little excited? Why yes!  I had a fantastic visit at Google’s Mountain View campus and the San Francisco office the next day. Google knows how to treat parents well and offer an amazing day. collage_google What did I notice?

  • A variety of well-designed work spaces
  • Basic needs, such as food, met. Also, conveniences to make daily life easier, such as access to medical, child care, dry cleaning, gym, etc.
  • Smart people willing to engage conversations on all kinds of topics
  • A welcoming environment
  • Empowered employees


A time of reflection and renewal – a good time to revitalize this blog!picture easter eggs

With child #2 almost done with college and hopefully launching into the world, we look back and celebrate. We also look forward to new opportunities. New opportunities to serve others, to build up others, to renew others.  Onward.