PBL and World Languages

career clusters logoDuring 2016-17 I had the pleasure of working with the NFLRC at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa on the Center’s Project-Based Language Learning initiative. The project consisted of an online symposium (January), multi-week online institute (January – May), and intensive face-to-face institute (July). The Center is working to identify what Project-Based Learning (PBL) looks like in a world language classroom, with the goal of identifying a working model for Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL).

This year’s focus was adding a Career Pathways layer to the development of a PBL project. The Career Pathways help identify real-world tasks and skills related to career areas of interest.

Some of the questions participants struggled with included:

  • How do we offer opportunities for each student to explore career pathways and work in areas that interest them?
  • How do we scaffold the language learning while diving deeply into authentic, real-world problems that need to be solved?
  • How does a PBL project fit with the language curriculum?
  • How do we assess student learning?

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