Summer learning

dogr school admins

The learning never stops for DOGR teachers and administrators.

Yesterday a small group of Diocese of Grand Rapids school administrators gathered to learn about and refine social media skills. We used this wikipage as our jump page. Of course, we didn’t get to everything on the page, but rather the page served as a resource and starting point. Some of the most important pieces of the day were conversations around efficiencies for engagement, from finding time to leveraging utilities such as hootsuite, buffer, or tweetdeck.

For example, how does one find the time to engage? St. John Vianney principal Gregg Bruno (@PrincipalSJV) shared that he plans on leveraging his iPad around the school, sharing directly from the device while out in classrooms and engaging with teachers and students. He encouraged his colleagues to “model fearlessness”, and reminded them that the learning and engagement may not be perfect, that failure is OK, and that it is going to be messy.  I couldn’t have said it better myself!

And yes, I better break out this blog and get it going again myself! I tend to prefer twitter instead of taking the time to write longer blog posts, but perhaps it is time to revisit and relaunch this little ol’ blog.

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