Working with teachers in China

July and August brought an unexpected trip to Beijing, China, to work with fantastic practicing K-12 Chinese teachers.  We had little time to prepare materials and did much work and preparation on the fly.  Fortunately I had a couple weeks to hit garage sales and take along readers, culturally interesting items, etc. to take with me. And, thanks to my extended family, even some video clips recorded during family vacation. Here is the wiki we put together for this fantastic event!

2 thoughts on “Working with teachers in China

  1. Andy! My goodness! Yes, I remember you! I have neglected this blog so just saw your comments! I am going to be posting here more frequently so will definitely respond faster. How are you?! How’s married life? How are your classes going for you in Ordos? I miss you and all of your colleagues! I have very fond memories of Beijing….

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